• Уникальная Красота Каппадокии<br><h1>Каппадокия <span> пещерный </span> Отель</h1>
    Уникальная Красота Каппадокии

    Каппадокия пещерный Отель

  • Откройте Для Себя Предложения   <h1>  <span>Пещерный </span> Отель</h1>
    Откройте Для Себя Предложения

    Пещерный Отель

  • полный сюрпризов <h1><span>Каппадокия</span> Пещера Отель Цена </h1>
    полный сюрпризов

    Каппадокия Пещера Отель Цена

  • Все наследство   Кападокии в   Отеле   <br> <span> «Gamirasu» </span>
    Все наследство Кападокии в Отеле



Trendhunter Magazine

Be Like Batman

Be like Batman with a cave of your own. This is now a possibility at this cave hotel. “A cave, you probably did not imagine one as comfy as Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Ayvali Village, Cappadocia, Turkey. Originally a monastery, the hotel’s 18 rooms were carved by hand from volcanic rock centuries ago. Today, they are comfy nests instead of monastic cells, complete with natural cotton futons, kilims and Turkish rugs, showers and heat. The deluxe suite has a fireplace and a balcony with views of the fanciful rock formations that dot the desert countryside. Nearby are villages of cave houses, and you can explore on horseback, donkey or bicycle.

Innkeeper cousins, Ibrahim Bastutan and Suleyman Cakir. Volcanic rock called “tufa” is perfect insulation material which keeps the temperature between 17 - 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year.”